The Preview Is Over

Ending the last week of this summer program is exciting, but scary. On one hand, I’m just excited to be in medical school and finally going to school for something I will actually use when I graduate. On the other hand, finishing this summer program means school will be starting, and I’ll be in actual, medical school…the real deal… which is kind of scary. Especially because I actually got a taste of just how much information I would be required to learn. Nonetheless, I’m grateful for this program because I had some time to “ease” into this process.

So…the last few days of the summer program were great. I actually learned some very BASIC suturing techniques. I actually like suturing! But I’m not sure how it will play out because I don’t want to have anything to do with surgery, thanks to nasty anatomy dissections, lol. Yes, clearly, my dislike for anatomy will be a topic of many blog posts. Hopefully at the end of anatomy, you will come to hate it too:). It’s like, I can’t figure out the anatomy when the body has no blood in it…How on earth do you see anything when blood is present? Weird. Anyway, I like suturing. We will see how far that gets me. I’ve posted a picture of my wonderful suturing skills, lol. It looks like crap, but I promise, the instructor said I did a good job. 

My semester will begin with cell biology, biochemistry and statistics/epidemiology. Cell bio and biochem are 6 weeks I believe, and epi/stats is 3 weeks long. First exam is August 31st. I’ll keep you updated after my first week, and let you know if I have dropped out of school yet, lol. Until next time…

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