OMG: My second day of medical school

Somebody should have warned me..I mean, REALLY warned me. This is day 2 of medical school and already, its time for it to be over. These people are crazy! Do they really expect us to learn all of this information this quickly? Are we supposed to be superhuman? Maybe some where on my application they got this false impression that I was this major brainiac that could memorize information as soon as it was spoken to me, or when they snapped their fingers lol. Having that skill is the ONLY way it is even possible to learn all of this information. Maybe about twice a week, we get out of class around 12 or 1pm. But most days, we are usually in class from 8am-4pm or 9am-4pm. Tomorrow, I will have biochemistry for 3 hours! But, in that three hour block, will have 3 different lecturers with 3 different lectures. Each powerpoint slide for each lecture will probably have about 60+ slides. Then, the day wont be over because I will have to go to another class, where I will sit in it for another 3+ hours, taking notes. Forgive me if I sound kinda upset, lol. I just cant believe it. Im actually shocked. Plus, I’ve been siting at my computer since 12pm, and it is now 10:52pm and I have been doing work straight until now, and Im STILL not done. There are 3 lectures I need to re-listen to.

People often tell you to have a life in medical school, but I don’t see how. Am I supposed to do it between the hour of waking up at 6am and leaving for school at 7am? Or maybe after midnight when I finish studying? They didnt cover this in orientation last week, lol.  I don’t think that will happen. I just need to find time for sleep right now, because that’s all that will fit. Pray for me and wish me luck, because its going to take all of that to get me through. We have a quiz next week, followed by one exam the following week and two additional exams the week after that (on the same day!). No one told me about this while I was interviewing, lol. (They lie, they lie! lol). People warned me, but I didn’t believe them. So, for all of the premeds out there, take people seriously when they warn you about medical school! lol. It’s exactly what they say it is, lol.

At least classes aren’t necessarily as boring as studying is. I have a great group of girls I’ve made friends with. Just the other day, in Epidemiology, I caught one of my friends sleeping with a blanket! (which I would have been doing if I wasn’t right in front of the professor). I think I will nickname her blanket girl, lol. Anyway, my other friend then decided to entertain our group by sending a mass group text that stated, “Dr X in this oh! Watch him teach and watch him roll! Watch him crank that biostats and calculate them oh! Youuuu crank that biostats! You crank that biostats!”. For everyone who knows who Soulja Boy is, you would understand. Corny? Yes. Funny? Incredibly. I almost fell out in my chair in class trying to contain my laughs.These will be the little things I look forward to getting me through class everyday (sad, i know)…not to forget the fact that getting out of class early is starting to become the highlight of my day. I was excited about getting out of class early today because I falsely thought that I would be able to study all day, and then watch an hour of T.V. Ha! Yeah right. All lies. Only enough time to re-listen to lectures, (write my blog)  and sleep.

Oh! And interesting information from the little information I actually absorbed today! Please please please eat your Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and cut down on your Omega 6 Fatty Acids. You can google these fatty acids (because if I explained this, my blog post would turn into a book). Omega 3s have a plethora of beneficial health effects such as neuroprotective and cardiovascular protection, while Omega 6s create molecules that end up signaling various inflammatory processes in your body. We didn’t go into a lot of detail in class, but interesting, nonetheless.

Lastly, apparently, if you take a multivitamin everyday, you are taking cyanide!  Crazy, right? Well, according to my professor, cyanide is found in the multivitamin form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is called cobalamin (because it contains cobalt. Vitamin B12 is very stable when its cobalt is attached to cyanide. This type, that is found in our multivitamins is a synthetic form of Vitamin B12, and our professor promises that taking it is safe and fine. (I’ll believe it when I don’t die from cyanide poisoning lol, just kidding.) It was an interesting fact, so I thought I would share. So many things that we are putting in our bodies. Im sure once we start talking about body disfunction due to sugar, Im going to have a meltdown, given my sugar addiction (I’ll happily tune that lecture out) :).

I think I’ve talked you to death. I shouldn’t write blogs while I’m clearly having issues, lol, so I’ll work on trying to make more “positive”blog posts :). (maybe). Until my next blog post!

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