GROSS Anatomy

Gross anatomy has its name for a reason…because its truly gross. Sure, day 1 wasn’t so bad because the pelvic area was pre-dissected for us, so we just looked at and identified structures. But our professor thought we would learn more if we did the dissections, so that’s what we did today…and it was GROSS. Today, we took off LAYERS of fat off of the butt to view the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and the Gluteus Minimus. We also took off the layers of fat off the back and front of the leg to view additional muscles. There was so much fluid coming out, yellow fat, and just, ugh. I think it even splashed all over one of my lab partners. This took 2 hours standing on our feet before we could even begin identifying structures. So in other words, we skinned a body…a person that used to be alive……still getting over that part. If this lab taught me anything today, it’s that I need to seriously exercise. If people could see what their fat looked like, they’d be appalled. Seriously. So I’ll be getting back to a workout schedule thanks to my cadaver dissections. This is only day 2 of anatomy for the summer and already, I’m dreading actual anatomy during the semester. 10 whole weeks. My intro to med school….

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