First Day of Summer Program

Hello! So…tomorrow is my first day of this 3 week summer med school pre-program. Most of the summer we will learn anatomy with some cell biology and biochemistry. Specifically tomorrow, we will cover the anatomy of the pelvis and the male and female urogenital systems. Just glancing over the notes and slides that have already been emailed, and looking at the pictures in the anatomy books make me realize how crazy medical school is going to be (I thought I knew, but it really became real today). Med students talk about the “fire hydrant” volume of information that is tossed at you in medical school, and how you will never be able to learn it all. Well, I’m going to get my first taste tomorrow, because in an 1 1/2 lecture time, and another 2 hours in anatomy lab, I will be taught as much information that I may have gotten in a week in grad school… or, maybe 3 days worth.  And one of these days this week, I think we have a 3 hour lecture somewhere! Needless to say, I’m happy I’m here, and I guess it wouldn’t be med school if they didn’t work you to death. Wish me luck that I don’t want to run out of the room when I actually start dissecting a human body.

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