Month: July 2012

Patient Simulation Lab

I think the use of mannequins to introduce medical students to various medical procedures is a good thing. Although we will also eventually work with standardized patients, being able to practice blood drawing techniques, intubation, and other procedures that we should eventually learn, is great….especially since at the beginning, we wont have the slightest clue …

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GROSS Anatomy

Gross anatomy has its name for a reason…because its truly gross. Sure, day 1 wasn’t so bad because the pelvic area was pre-dissected for us, so we just looked at and identified structures. But our professor thought we would learn more if we did the dissections, so that’s what we did today…and it was GROSS. …

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First Day of Summer Program

Hello! So…tomorrow is my first day of this 3 week summer med school pre-program. Most of the summer we will learn anatomy with some cell biology and biochemistry. Specifically tomorrow, we will cover the anatomy of the pelvis and the male and female urogenital systems. Just glancing over the notes and slides that have already …

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